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There was a time

no one had heard of a town called Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Now, it is known world-wide for the music that has come from that river town.  At Riverbank Productions, we are very proud of Muscle Shoals Sound, Fame, and all of the fine folks that made the whole thing happen. They had a vision to make the very best music.

Sure, there were people that told them they couldn't do it.  They did it any damned way.

Show the whole world that "The good old days" were good indeed, but by no means is music dead, and the best is yet to come!


You haven't seen a studio like this before.... real inspiration, real music....

Music is about to be relevant again

            your music can be too.

Recording Studio & So much more

Imagine     you write for your listener, that broken heart, that hungry dreamer, that thinker, that unbridled passion which a lover aches to express.

If you want to have that special something that you can hear on your track. Your listener can feel your heart and soul being poured out through your music. The way music used to feel.  Genuine expression.  Triumphs, heart break, loss and love......or whatever you write about embedded in music that demands attention from the listener. After all, isn't that why you write to begin with?

Riverbank  Productions

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