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Riverbank  Productions


A place to write, create, record and stay under one roof!

If you want to have that special something that you can hear on your track. Your listener can feel your heart and soul being poured out through your music. The way music used to feel.  Genuine expression.  Triumphs, heart break, loss and love......or whatever you write about embedded in music that demands attention from the listener. After all, isn't that why you write to begin with?


                         Get away  be inspired

           Write                                             Stay                    Shoot Video                                Photo Shoot                                                                  

The Sky Is not even the Limit

Partial List of Equipment

Pro Tools 11 HD
Avid HD Omni
Avid HD I/O 16x16 analog
Focusrite Isa Two Preamps
Audient Mico dual channel preamp
Avid Pre 8 channel preamp
Neve 5043 Dual Channel
Presonus 8 channel compressor
MacBook Pro
Native Instruments Komplete
All waves plugins
Izotope ozone 6
Sonnox Plugins
Many other various plugins
Royer matched pair ribbon mics
Akg C314 condenser
Blue Baby Bottle Condenser
Matched Pair Akg b series small diaphragm condenser
Audix i5
Senheiser evolution kick mic
Fishman Triple Play Guitar Midi pickup
M-Audio axiom 25 midi keyboard

We also provide:

Radio and Television and internet advertisements

Jingle composition


Audio Books



There was a time

no one had heard of a town called Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Now, it is known world-wide for the music that has come from that river town.  At Riverbank Productions, we are very proud of Muscle Shoals Sound, Fame, and all of the fine folks that made the whole thing happen. They had a vision to be the best.  Sure, there were people that told them they couldn't do it.  They did it any damned way.

We've all had encounters with those kinds of negative people. You can either take their word for it or prove them wrong.  We've got your back. Let's prove them wrong and show the whole world that the inspiration that comes from the Tennessee river still exists and that serious musicians and artists from Alabama are about to show everyone how it is done.


You haven't seen a studio like this before.... real inspiration, real music....

Recording Studio & So much more